In creating this tab of labor rate resources, we hope you’ll find the calculations and frankly the motivation to correct the imbalances within this industry.  Below are links and forms to help you work through your labor rate setting.

BY completing the excel labor rate worksheets you’ll better understand what YOUR rates should be. How you implement that information is up to each individual shop.

Your association has also created a task force of individuals that can discuss ideas and strategies in implementing YOUR rates. Email your request to

In the book Matsushita Leadership:

Matsushita says that if you take society’s people and society’s resources and you fail to make a profit, then you’ve committed a crime. If you do make a profit and you don’t improve conditions in society, then you’ve committed an even bigger crime. People trusted you to come to work for you, vendors have chosen to give you a credit line, a bank has loaned you money, someone has agreed to rent to you-whatever the case may be. You have an obligation to make a profit. “Profit is not a dirty word”


Links to Labor Rate Articles

Workable Labor Rate Sheets - Excel File Downloads