WCRP Member Code of Ethics

All members of Wisconsin Collision Repair Professionals Inc. agree to abide by the following “Code of Ethics.”


  1. No collision repair facility repairing vehicles for customers shall be owned by, controlled by or unduly influenced by any person or entity whose financial interests are likely to interfere with a repairer’s exercise of professional judgment on behalf of and in the best repair interest of a consumer/customer.
  2. The collision repairer owes a duty of professional care to the customer and shall act in the best interest of the customer in all repair decisions and recommendations.
  3. The collision repairer shall uphold the high standards of our profession and always seek to correct any and all abuses within the automotive industry.
  4. The collision repairer will uphold the integrity of all members of WCRP.
  5. The collision repairer will comply with ATCP 132 of the Wisconsin Administrative Code.
  6. The collision repairer will operate in compliance with local zoning laws and acceptable retail standards with concern for the environment.
  7. The collision repairer will have all necessary local, state, and federal licenses and permits.
  8. The collision repairer will operate in accordance with EPA and other agency / environmental regulations.
  9. The collision repairer will carry all necessary insurance needed to conduct day to day business.
  10. The collision repairer will have necessary equipment to do the complete repair, either in-house or through a qualified sublet.
  11. The collision repairer will have a commitment to ongoing training and education for management and technical personnel.
  12. The collision repair will provide a written warranty to customers.