2021 Insurer Report Card
Survey Results

How well does your company rate?!




Insurance carriers loudly tout their great services. Elaborate commercials with extensive budgets seemingly overwhelm you at times. These entertaining promotions do not always match the reality found in their actual claim practices. The true measure of an insurance policy comes into judgement when you actually need to use it.

A recent survey conducted by Wisconsin Collision Repair Professionals (WCRP) can help narrow those choices. 134 body shops were asked to complete a survey about their highest and lowest ranking insurance companies based on their overall satisfaction of claims handling.

Here are the results:


Highest ranking companies:

West Bend
Auto Owners
State Farm



Lowest ranking companies:

American Family
State Farm


Wisconsin Collision Repair Professionals (WCRP) suggests consulting your local agent(s) to best select a provider AND policy that best suits your protection needs. Many companies offer an OEM (original equipment manufacturer) parts endorsement and WCRP highly recommends this option. This will allow you factory new parts vs. used and/or poorly manufactured “aftermarket” parts. With the complexity of today’s vehicle repairs, labor times have also increased. WCRP also recommends you consider the “rental car endorsement.” It is fairly inexpensive and provides a great value when your vehicle is in the shop!

Your vehicle is indeed a substantial investment, be sure you are properly insured by a provider that will be your advocate in a claim, removing stress, not adding to it.


A “mutual insurance company” is owned by its policy holders, with any profits returned to members as a dividend or a reduction in premiums. Are your premium dollars supporting sports fields and other venues?