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Wisconsin Collision Repair Professionals Inc - WCRP
PO Box 841,  Merrill, WI 54452-0841
Phone:  (262) 542-7707  * Email:

Please fill out this online application then click on the Pay Now PayPal button to pay securely with a major credit card.  Thank you!

  • Dear Members:
    We value your membership and input into our organization! WCRP’s board of directors has been working quietly but diligently at restructuring your association. We will continue over the next few months to keep you informed of exciting details coming up this next year. Watch your inbox, watch the mail, and most importantly don’t go away...
    WE NEED YOU! Larry Terrien, President

    As a member of Wisconsin Collision Repair Professionals (WCRP) I understand membership is subject to acceptance by the association and is non-transferable. It is also understood that WCRP membership dues may be deductible as a business expense for federal income tax purposes but are not tax deductible as a charitable contribution.

  • As a member of Wisconsin Collision Repair Professionals (WCRP) I promise to abide by the Association’s Bylaws and Code of Ethics. I understand any signs, decals or emblems provided by the Association remain the property of the Association and agree to return them upon termination of membership. I further understand businesses that are members in good standing may use the WCRP logo. Should membership expire, I agree, at that time, to discontinue all uses of the association’s logo and signs.

    Membership Dues are $250 per year, per location. (Please supply separate fee and form for additional locations)

    Educational Members are $250 per school.

    WCRP accepts American Express, Mastercard, and Visa. PLEASE call Deb Brunett to securely pay your membership dues with a credit card at 262-542-7707 or mail a payment to WCRP, P O Box 841, Merrill, WI 54452.
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