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   As you may have already heard, WACTAL has changed its name to Wisconsin Collision Repair Professionals or WCRP. In addition to the name change, one of our many goals of the association is to create a community of cooperation and understanding of our fellow repairers: a platform to better the industry through cooperation.  Disappointingly, lacking in our membership numbers are Multi Shop Owners (MSO), Franchise Businesses, and Dealerships.  This absence continues to separate the industry into the us vs them--certainly not intentional, but the result is the same. This perceived separation is not good for the industry at large nor our goals of unifying the industry.

WCRP will be working diligently for the good of the whole industry against perceive or real divisions created by Direct Repair Providers (DRP) and non DRP, MSO independents, or other management styles. This industry has room for all. We share a common foe in many industry issues. Far more than what may divide us.

Many prospective members understandably ask what’s in it for me? We understand many of the benefits WCRP offers may not have significant value to shops with larger buying power and representation. As stated above, despite any differences in our business models, we have a common enemy in many industry issues. Which may be best solved by gathering to share ideas, strategies, and communications. “Cooperate now compete later” is a common rally cry in these situations. Let us use that.

Franchise shops and MSO are often more involved with set DRP agreements. These agreements by their design suppress rates, fees and other compensation. Charging for those costs can remove one from said programs. Not fun if you are dependent on them. By contrast, many of our members are not so balanced on DRP relationships. These members are in a much better position to induce higher rates and better compensation for justifiable increases in service as the new technologies emerge. You simply can’t lose by supporting them with your membership. They could make a new “industry standard”.

Your dues of $150 per location would be instantaneously recovered with the slightest change the association can make in this industry. Collectively MSO, Franchise Operations, and Dealerships stand to gain much more than your typical stand-alone shop.

Can we get your support?


Steve Humblet, Membership Chair                                              Deb Brunett, Executive Director

715.356.3889                                                                                    262.542.7707

“I can absolutely tell you the states that I’ve seen with the highest labor rates also have the best trade associations. It’s a direct connection”

Quoted by Mike Anderson; Wisconsin Auto News Summer 2020