Press Release

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Deb Brunett, Executive Director

Phone:  (262) 542-7707




Wisconsin Auto Collision Technicians Association Limited (WACTAL) established in 1971, has now become Wisconsin Collision Repair Professionals (WCRP).

According to President Larry Terrien, “A name change had been discussed several times in the past.  The WACTAL name carries a lot of great history with it and there was reluctance to leave that behind. However, a lot has changed in the last 50 years and the new name just seemed like a good fit at this time,” stated Terrien.  “The collision repair industry needs to take the initiative in establishing itself as the repair professionals.  This new name will be a reminder to our members and the industry at large of who we are and how we should go forward."

Executive Director Deb Brunett, who came on board in April of 2020 when long-time Association Administrator Sue Peterson retired, addressed the name change with equal optimism.  She also has apprehension in leaving the past behind but felt the familiarity of the logo gives homage to the past efforts of so many people who kept this organization as one of the best. "As I've settled into this new position, I see the efforts of so many in the past that we certainly don't want to forget our roots in the industry, and we will make sure that this doesn’t happen” stated Brunett.  “Our updated website reflects our new direction and focus, and it is now available at  Within this new website we will be developing a special page to thank all the past members and businesses that brought us to this point in time.”

Along with the new website, there are many other exciting changes coming to WCRP, including a new monthly E-Newsletter which premiered in January.  “The E-Newsletter is replacing the quarterly magazine (Wisconsin Auto News) and will give us greater flexibility to get news and events out to the membership quickly” added board member Steve Humblet.  Humblet referred to a focus on career awareness programs, Scholarships and education.  “Attracting new talent will be an ongoing issue as the workforce ages and other trades pursue the same pool of candidates.  We will need to step our game!”  It is with this in mind that the association has partnered with several dedicated sponsors, and is looking for additional visionary supporters to expand their programs.

For more information contact Executive Director Deb Brunett at 262-542-7707 or email