2019 Conference Recap

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1972 Chevelle Custom

Are wages a fixed or variable overhead? Actually wages can be both. Overhead, cash flow v. profit & loss; billable and non-billable hours, and much more were discussed in Bill Kinnard’s presentation at the WACTAL Conference held March 15-16 in Green Bay.

A vintage VW Bus, 1919 Dort Speedster, 1972 Chevelle, 1932 Cadillac Coupe, and numerous classic cars were the back drop of the Conference Reception at The Automobile Gallery Friday evening. As its website states, The Automobile Gallery is “as impressive as the automobiles it surrounds”. Attendees were able to enjoy some wonderful hors d’oeuvres while viewing the outstanding collection of classic cars on display, each with its own storied history.


Bernie Berenz, Steve Humblet & team look up information during the hands-on scan program

The hands-on scanning program led by Ken Kempfer provided attendees the opportunity to scan several vehicles, look up and discuss the various codes, and determine how to proceed with repairs.

Ken started out the morning with a brief explanation of what P, C, B, and U codes relate to; the difference between current, history, and pending codes; and how/where to look up information. Attendees then broke into small groups and moved forward with the task at hand – scan each of the six vehicles set up for the program. Thank you to Mark Williams, Williams Auto Body, for the use of his shop for the hands-on program. And a big thank you to Broadway Automotive and LeMieux Toyota for providing some vehicles for the program.  Thank you to all the conference sponsors: Acuity Insurance, BASF, Broadway Automotive, Finishmaster, Gandrud Chevrolet, Keystone Automotive, LeMieux Toyota, and PPG Industries.


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